Medtronic’s Signia™ Stapling System Adapts to Tissue Variability

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Medtronic plc has announced the launch of its Signia™ Stapling System which rather cleverly adapts to variability in tissue thickness.

The latest addition to the company’s MIS portfolio, the Signia system provides surgeons with real-time feedback and automated responses to that real-time data.

The magic lies in how the system adapts to differences in human tissue thickness throughout the body and its organ systems. For example, tissue is thinnest at the top of the stomach and thickest at the bottom of the stomach near the small intestine. Adaptive Firing technology can detect the variability of tissue and automatically adjust the stapler’s speed during MIS procedures; this allows surgeons to fire staples consistently and evenly

The Signia system also offers surgeons one-handed staple firing, allowing them to free up their other hand and stay focused on the surgical site.

The Signia system is launching initially in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. It is expected to roll out to additional global geographies during the company’s fiscal year 2018.


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