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How to spot a sadist interviewer


Recently I wrote an article called “There is no such thing as a stupid question”  ( . This was based on a saying from a trainer I had when I first joined Medtronic many years ago, and in essence it means that when you are training or leading you should create a culture where people do not feel inhibited to ask any type of question that might improve their knowledge. Gaps in knowledge can be dangerous and so individuals should be confident they can fix those gaps without having opprobrium pored upon them by their trainer or manager.


Top Tip to ensure your Talent Acquisition team is focused on High Performance Talent


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for any HR leader that is developing a Talent Acquisition team is ironically, where should you source your talent team from? Many companies have attracted people from recruitment consultancies. Two of my best staff (you know who you are!) ended up going “in-house” and have both been very successful doing this. By the time they did this though, they had already developed a stable job record and had developed great skills in candidate attraction, selling roles, understanding company culture, job fit, interviewing, negotiating etc. They have the gravitas to recruit at all levels.


My Top 5 LinkedIn Groups That You Should Definitely Join!


Written by Nigel Job


Why I believe in the power of healthcare people


In the last 5 years or so I have spent so much time at hospitals at one point I was tempted to ask Addenbrookes if they would issue me with a reserved car parking space!


Hiring Success and Hiring Failure Part 2 – The additional shocking economic difference between getting it right and wrong


Some of you may have seen my first article on this subject; it seems to have resonated with a number of people.


Hiring success and hiring failure: The shocking economic difference between getting it right or wrong when hiring salespeople


There has not yet (to my knowledge) been a definitive economic study looking at the economic impact of poor hiring decisions. It is a clear truth that most people would realise that a poor recruitment decision can be very costly. Many organisations, though, are too accepting of their poor hiring record and little is done to fix it. Often the wrong metrics are looked at, such as how they can reduce recruitment costs, which in turn inevitably results in poorer processes. Fact: The best way to reduce recruitment costs is to make better decisions resulting in less recruiting frequency!  


The Challenger Sale – A breakthrough in understanding High Performance Talent, or just another business school inspired fad?


Book review: The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson


Radical Top Tip - You Do Not Need a CV /Resume to Interview Top Talent


Are you genuine about sourcing Top Performing Talent into your organisation?Maybe you don’t have a problem attracting the very best, or are you just kidding yourself?


“We’ll keep that candidate on file” – GDPR says NO!


I’m definitely far from an expert in GDPR, I’ve been on a one day training course, watched some webinars, read lots of articles and slowly but surely getting my head around it – are you?


Why Contingency Recruitment Is Poor Value and Rarely Finds You High Performance Talent in the Medical Device Sector


In a parallel universe far away, Acme Medical Products is a distributor of medical devices. It has been in business for 30 years and recently the founder of the business has taken retirement and allowed his youngest son, Rick, a qualified accountant, to take over the running of the family empire. One of the company’s core product ranges is electrophysiology catheters.


Fat Shaming or Fact?


Recently Cancer Research UK released this campaign, identifying the biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking.


On International Women's Day - more women in healthcare creates innovation



Is Your Sales and Marketing Infrastructure Future Proofed for the Brave New World of Healthcare?


Viewed from the perspective of some medical sales people, the direction of travel of healthcare sales is not quite a dystopian nightmare, but it is not far off!


UK NHS Procurement Might be Killing Home Grown Innovation


One of the advantages of my line of work is that I get the opportunity to speak with a lot of industry leaders, and one of the questions I often ask is “what do you see as your greatest challenges in the next year?” As you can imagine, the answers vary significantly, particularly geographically, as I work with healthcare companies all over the world.


Do You Adapt Enough to Survive?


It may be a surprise to some that in Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” he does not refer to the “survival of the fittest”. Darwin later adopted the phrase from elsewhere, but classified fittest as meaning "better adapted for immediate, local environment". It does not mean fittest in the sense of the fastest, biggest or strongest. Essentially, I believe, it means that those species that are able to best able to make the most of conditions that currently prevail have enhanced chances of survival and prosperity.


What job searching is going to look like in 2018 for the Medical and Technology Sectors


New year, new job? In 2016 Indeed did some research and found that over 30% of UK workers were thinking about a new job for 2017. So, with the New Year being the prime time to find a new job, how will you go out about that in 2018? Here are our top 5 ways to search for jobs this year.


10 Tips to be Happier and Healthier at Work


It’s the beginning of January and I am full of hope, lots of ideas and plans for the year ahead at work. I’ve started a fitness DVD, drinking plenty of water and have lots to look forward. That’s rights, it’s a new year and I’m feeling great…until today.


To All Business People, Great and Small – Happy Christmas -It is a Wonderful Life!


This weekend just gone I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the 1946 critically acclaimed Christmas fantasy comedy-drama, staring Donna Reed and James Stewart. It has featured on a number of “greatest movie of all time” lists. Despite the comic aspects of the movie, and a few clichés regarding the rich bad guy (Henry F Potter), some of the dramatic aspects are exceptionally moving. For an era when much movie acting was of a pretty poor standard, James Stewart’s acting was highly convincing and consistently believable throughout.


The Worst Interview Skills Ever?


Last night I watched the latest episode of the UK version of “The Apprentice”. For those not familiar with this reality TV show, the star of the show is UK businessman Alan Sugar, the UK equivalent (if it is possible) of “The Donald”, and, as with the US version of the programme, they put a group of (sometimes highly overconfident) hopefuls through a series of tests, supposedly to test their business skills to see if Alan Sugar will invest in their business idea.


Business Ethics and Values – Who Cares?


Who cares about business ethics and values? Actually I do! My guess is that you do too, otherwise maybe you wouldn’t be reading this article! 


Male, Pale or Stale?


Diversity is not some abstract politically inspired principle; it is a potential powerhouse of creativity, a reservoir of new thinking and a reflection of the diversity of creation.


The reasons why you should continue your job search this festive period!


The festive period is here again; the perfect time to lounge around in front of a fire, glass of mulled wine in hand. It is the perfect time to slow down your job search. Or is it?


Don’t Use The Phrase “Disruptive Technology”– It Will Kill Your Product Launch


Don’t Use The Phrase “Disruptive Technology”– It Will Kill Your Product Launch (Unless You Are Elon Musk!) I test drove a Tesla yesterday – I loved it! I am not really in the market for one, having recently acquired a BMW hybrid, but Tesla were kind enough to let me have the test drive anyway. I came away, not regretting the BMW, but thinking how can I get a Tesla in future? The technology was really something special, the finish excellent and the acceleration mind-boggling! The thing that is really amazing for me though, is the audaciousness of the concept; to completely revolutionise how large executive cars are powered.


What does a cute picture of a puppy tell us about personal branding & segmentation?


This is a picture of a puppy. She is 8 weeks old, and as you can see pretty cute! So why have I put this picture on on our website? Well before anyone shouts “this isn’t Facebook”, there is a serious business message!


The danger of having R&D with no HE


Some of you may have noticed my post from the MedTech Conference I attended in San Jose last week, where I reported a comment made by a CEO of a major device company; "if you do not have a health economics specialist on board from day one of the development of a new product you are lost"


FREE Employer Branding Webinar


On Wednesday 18th October at 5pm (BST) Nigel Job, CEO at Remtec will be hosting a free webinar with a leading international HR expert Loek Vandebroek, Managing Partner of Next Step Talent Group on Employer Branding. 


Why lack of Interview feedback is bad news


Giving candidate feedback is important for both the candidate and the client. In fact not giving good, constructive candidate feedback really is bad news for your business. Having been established in the recruiting industry for over 19 years, Remtec has first hand experience on the negative effects lack of relevant interview feedback or giving no feedback at all has on your company.


Stop Losing Regulatory Professionals to Your Competition


As a prospective employer looking to recruit highly skilled regulatory professionals, acknowledging a basic fact that these people are rare and therefore in high demand is key. The scarcity of these individuals leads for a tighter candidate pool and greater competition for you to be able to secure them for your company. I recently conducted a survey of regulatory professionals to find out their experiences when job hunting and some of the frustrations and challenges they faced during their searches. I would highly recommend addressing each of the 5 key points below and immediately you will be in a stronger position to attract top talent and put your offer and company ahead of the competition:


“Companies don’t get rid of their good people, right?”


This was a question posed to me recently by a senior executive from a top US healthcare company when I recommended someone who was “between jobs”. His question, of course, was really a statement of his opinion rather than a question, but my answer was “actually they do, sometimes!”


5 Ways to avoid new staff disappointment


Caroline Fisher is the new VP Market Access for Vader Pharma. She started the role last Monday week, and unfortunately she is getting serious “buyer’s remorse”.


Is poor attention to your recruitment practice damaging your brand?


 5 Reasons Why Good Recruitment Practice Is Simply Good Business:


Building a Team as Great as Led Zeppelin


Every true rock fan knows that the greatest rock band of all time is Led Zeppelin. Of course, there are also the mighty Beatles , the only band to out- perform Zeppelin in terms of sales, but in terms of musical variety and virtuosity, the Beatles come close, but no band has, before or since, equalled the musical brilliance of Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham.


My recruitment disaster! Why is it going wrong and how to avoid it…


Why are my vacancies still vacant? The recruiter claims she’s an expert, so why does she need more of my valuable time? The next time you find yourself grumbling about the performance of your recruiter, think about how much you contributed to the poor recruitment process or shortlist that didn’t hit the mark. You have not succeeded in either choosing the right recruiter, or if you have, have you invested sufficient time in motivating him/her to make yours their overriding priority. Remember: 80% of people would take one job over another based on personal relationships formed during the interview process. (Source: Mattersight)


Why Interim Managers are an essential part of your talent strategy


Whether it is to cover a project for which there is a defined end point, a method of injecting expertise not in your existing workforce, or simply to cover an absence for a mission critical role, professional interim managers should be an essential part of any talent strategy within a fast moving life science or medical device company.


Author Nigel Job explains 'Why Medical Device Company Launches FAIL in Europe'


After many years in this Industry, and having worked with many leaders within the Medical Device and Life Science sector, Nigel has put the finishing touches to an eBook which is being made available to you with our compliments.


A Day in the Life of the CEO of Remtec Search and Selection


To kick off our brand new “A Day in the Life” series we thought we’d bring you a day in the life of someone who plays a key role in our business – our CEO Nigel Job! I interviewed him on a cold and frosty January morning; but his office was warm and welcoming. The consultants were on the phone or in meetings and the office was busy – but Nigel took the time to answer these questions for us:


Blame the Recruiter!


Why are my vacancies still vacant?The recruiter claims she is an expert, so why does she need more of my valuable time?Why doesn’t she just send me more CV’s/resumes?


Journeys of Health-Tech Innovation: Product to Market - Evening Seminar


As an event partner to HTI Labs we are pleased to share with you an upcoming free event taking place in London discussing the 'Journeys of Health-Tech Innovation: Product to Market'.


Is your next career move to lead a small company?


Over 17 years in medical device recruitment, Remtec have developed the ability to advise both candidates and companies on their next career move or senior hire.I recently attended two conferences; the Fierce Biotech Summit at the Royal Society of Medicine and the Hume Brophy Healthcare Investor Conference at Simmons and Simmons.


PSLs (or PPLs) for recruitment services – how to make the most of them


I prefer the term Preferred Partner List to Preferred Supplier List, but whatever it is called, it may surprise you to hear that I think that if you have a medium to high recruitment requirement and you haven’t got one you should! The benefits to such relationships should easily outweigh the time investment required.


Could lack of a Talent Management Strategy be a threat to your organisation?


Could lack of a Talent Management Strategy be a threat to your organisation?


Top Tips for the 1st Stage Interview


So you’ve been invited for an interview – First of all congratulations! When an employer invites you to an interview they are declaring an interest in incorporating you into their team. This article will provide you with the best tips and advice in order to help you prepare for the interview and ensure you will be a perfect match for the job and company. 


Top Tips for the 2nd Stage Interview


The second interview is another fantastic opportunity to showcase your set of skills. This interview is mainly used to confirm the initial assessment of the first meeting. Remember, the employer is genuinely interested in hiring you. So take a deep breath and get ready to embrace that second interview! Keep these top tips in mind.


Top Tips for Competency Based Interview Preparation


Congratulations! You managed to secure that dream job and you’re excited to start. However, there are still things that will need considering before you arrive on your first day. Starting a new job can be an intimidating experience for graduates, managers and CEO’s alike. You must keep in mind that you have been given the job as the employer saw you as the best fit for the company and team. However, if you are still a little nervous, read our top tips to make a smooth transition into the role.


Top Tips for Making a Great First Impression on Your First Day


Well done! You managed to secure that dream job and you’re excited to start, nevertheless, there are still things that will need considering before you arrive on your first day. Starting a new job can be an intimidating experience for graduates, managers and CEO’s alike. You must keep in mind that you have been given the job as the employer saw you as the best fit for the company and team. However, if you are still a little nervous by the whole prospect read our top tips to make a smooth transition into the role.


Talent Gap analysis – Saving you time and money


What is Talent Gap analysis?


Top Tips for Writing that Perfect CV


The job market today is more competitive than ever – more candidates are applying for positions, so it is vital that you make the best impression to really stand out from the crowd. Employers who look at your CV will need to make a quick decision on whether to shortlist your CV for interview. This article is a guide to ensuring you present yourself in the best possible light on paper.


Partnership between Talentmark and Remtec


Remtec Search and Selection and Talentmark are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership bringing together the skills and expertise of both organisations to deliver the next generation of specialist and executive recruitment services to the global medical technology market.


Is it high time that medical device companies worried more about “Time-To-Fill”?


How much do unfilled vacancies actually cost a business?


Hiring Stronger People Starts By Redefining Stronger


As recruiters we see many job descriptions on a daily basis with a list of qualifications a candidate needs in order to fulfill a job role.


Medical Device Start-Ups and the funding challenge


Medical Device start - ups and the funding landscape. 


All the World’s a Stage by Nigel Job


What this means in the Digital Age and how online reputation can affect your career...


Redundancy: nightmare or opportunity?


Have you ever dreamt of an HR manager handing you a P45, and woken up afraid to look behind you in case you saw your career? Ian Sandison of Remtec explains why redundancy is not always to be feared.


Want a role with a Start Up ?


Then you need to understand what Skills are required and the culture within.