An afternoon in the sun punting down the River Cam

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What glorious weather we were blessed with for Remtec’s annual punting trip down the River Cam.


If you happened to be at Quayside in Cambridge on Wednesday afternoon then you may have seen the staff of Remtec divide into two teams and climb aboard their punts.


Another year and the race was on…

The first leg of the journey takes us along the river towards the Granta where the seasoned punters brush up on their technique and any new arrivals take those first wobbly steps to the end of the punt to see if they have the skills required for the return journey.


And let the race begin…


Both teams set off and quite quickly team Joe took the lead, unfortunately getting caught up in the punting traffic by the Mill pond, this gave Nigel’s team the opportunity to manoeuvre round the outside and go into the lead.

As team Joe gingerly made their way under the first bridge and the boat started to move one way, Joe moved the over...........SPLASH man overboard.

Not to be defeated Joe clambered back on board and with sheer determination made up for the lost time and caught up with team Nigel - the race was back on although Joe did not have much time to dry off before he took a second dip.


Nigel and his crew arrived into Quayside only marginally ahead of team Joe (who should be congratulated for his efforts) but ultimately team Nigel remains the reigning champions.


A fantastic day was had by all.

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