What does a cute picture of a puppy tell us about personal branding & segmentation?

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This is a picture of a puppy. She is 8 weeks old, and as you can see pretty cute! So why have I put this picture on LinkedIn? Well before anyone shouts “this isn’t Facebook”, there is a serious business message!





My guess is that you are looking at this article for one of three reasons:

  1. You are a dog lover
  2. You are a marketing person drawn by the title, and are interested in segmentation
  3. You are a Mr/Ms Angry, wannabe troll, who is very cross about anyone daring to put a picture of a puppy on LinkedIn, and you want to say “this isn’t Facebook”!

Most likely you are number 1. Am I right?

The truth is, I do not have puppies to sell! I do like people who like dogs though. There is that old saying: “never trust a person that doesn’t like dogs, but always trust a dog that doesn’t like a person”. This is not always true, and I do like some cat lovers (my wife likes them), and I even know a few people that don’t like dogs and are still wonderful human beings! On the whole though, most people that I have met who like dogs I like!

So what has this to do with segmentation? Well, first of all we need to think about “personal branding”. As some of you will know, whilst I have a very strong interest in recruiting and HR matters relating to the healthcare sector, I have also had a lifelong interest in sales and marketing, and most importantly, what motivates people to buy a product or service.

Most people are familiar with the phrase “people buy from people they like”. Personal branding (more articles on this later) is becoming increasingly important in sales and marketing, even for people working at large corporates. If you feel you know me, and you like things about me that you can relate to, you will be more disposed to work with me/”buy” from me. Equally if I know you, and I know things about you that I can relate to, the keener I will be to make my offering that suits your needs. Personal branding is related to making your clients/customers and partners aware of who you are, what you like, dislike and what your values are. It cannot, and should not be faked. Personal branding is essentially who and what you are. Note that I have put “buy” in quotation marks. This may be buying ideas as much as product or service.

So as part of a little experiment, and if you are further interested in this subject, please put one of the following in the comments section on my linkedin post http://bit.ly/2uj0tUD :

  • Dog
  • Marketing
  • Troll

If you put “dog” in the comment box, this will tell me that you, the reader, were most drawn to this article because of the cute picture of the puppy. It will tell me you are a dog lover, therefore a solid person!

If you put “marketing” in the comment box this will mean you are less interested in the puppy picture, but very interested in marketing. People interested in marketing are generally cool people, IMHO!

If you put dog and marketing in the box this will mean you are a solid and cool person.

If you put “troll” in the comment box this will mean you have an ironic sense of humour and therefore, even though you may or may not like dogs you are a humorous person and you and I will get along well!

If you are a genuine troll please go away and get help!


Have a great day!


Nigel Job – global healthcare executive search expert with a sense of humour!

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