Interview with Tal Golesworthy, Inventor of the ExoVasc Aortic Root Support

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Medgadget have recently published a very interesting interview with Tal Golesworthy. Medgadget editor Tom Peach spoke with Tal Golesworthy to hear about the inspiring journey that gave birth to the ExoVasc and to learn more about Exstent, the company that was formed as a result of Tal’s invention.

Tal Golesworthy is the inventor of the ExoVasc, a bespoke implant that supports the aortic root when it has becomes weak and dilated. Tal’s invention was born out of his personal need for the device to support his aorta that was expanding dangerously due to Marfan syndrome. In 2004, Tal was the first patient to be implanted with the device that he invented, and many more patients have benefited from the ExoVasc Aortic Root Support since.

Check out Tal's video 'Tal Golesworthy - How I repaired my own heart'

Click here to view the full interview.

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