10 Tips to be Happier and Healthier at Work

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It’s the beginning of January and I am full of hope, lots of ideas and plans for the year ahead at work. I’ve started a fitness DVD, drinking plenty of water and have lots to look forward. That’s rights, it’s a new year and I’m feeling great…until today.

Its grey outside, its damp, the thought of leaving the office into the dark cold night is unappealing - sunlight, what’s that?  Yep I’ve hit a January mood slump, motivation to do my work is down, I’ve eaten a stodgy lunch (big mistake), had far too much caffeine and the sweetie box in the corner of the office is calling…

So what should you do about it? Here are my top 10 tips on how to stay happier and healthier at work (not just in January but throughout the year).

Make sure you are passionate about what you do

It is vital that you actually enjoy the work you do and the environment that surrounds you, after all, if you are spending eight hours or more at work each day then you most likely work more than you sleep! Having a passion for the job you do will motivate you to work hard and strive to achieve your goals. It’s also Important to have a good relationship with your work colleagues, particularly when you are spending up to 48 hours a week with them! I know you’re at work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your workforce, why not have an office lunch from time to time and get to know a bit more about your colleagues? Although getting along with your colleagues is a key factor in enjoying your work, some friendly competition can also be good. This will encourage you and your work buddies to challenge yourselves and drive you forward into achieving to the best of your ability.


I’m sure you have heard it a hundred times before and you will hear it a hundred times again but drinking plenty of water while at work really does help maintain a happy and healthy work life. Staying hydrated will improve your concentration and mental performance, and help to combat tiredness and fatigue, increasing your productivity at work.  Although individualised, it is recommended that men should drink around 13 cups of water per day and women should consume around 9 cups of water each day. This isn’t to say you can’t have the odd cup of tea or coffee for your morning or afternoon boost! (http://bit.ly/2Ar9wGU)

Dare I say it?

Organisation. Being organised will help to boost your morale at work and get you in a routine which will reduce your stress levels. Create lists, write post-it notes or set reminders on your computer to help you organise your workload and prioritise your tasks - There is nothing worse than being overwhelmed with a workload and not knowing where to begin! Once you have organised your workload, set deadlines to motivate you to complete these in a timely manner.

Personal Development

Always remain in control of your personal development, it’s what motivates you to work hard each day. Set yourself achievable targets and work towards these, it is rewarding when you complete each goal! Don’t be afraid to ask, especially when it’s regarding your personal development – it will only show your passion and drive to flourish as an employee. If you find training courses or development programmes that you think could strengthen you in your work, put these forward to your manager and shout about the benefits they could have to both you and the organisation you work for!  What’s the harm in asking?

Just remember, it’s your choice to be working there so it’s down to you to voice any concerns that you have in order to improve your working life!

Ask for Feedback

Ask your line manager or a colleague for regular feedback and pride yourself on the great feedback you receive. Remember, not all of your feedback will be good but take this constructively and don’t let it get you down. Instead, use it to focus on areas where you can improve yourself to further succeed. This will show your employer the passion you have for your work by continuously striving to improve yourself and proving that you are a valued member of the team. Why wait until your annual review to hear how fabulous you are?

Take a break, you deserve it!

Taking regular breaks will help to recuperate and refresh your mind, even if they are only for a short period of time. If you’re a believer of the term ‘time is money’ then use the break to do a different work-related task, why not file that document which has been sitting on your desk for a while now! The point is, if you are working on a computer for most of the day it’s important not to strain your eyes for too long or stay seated in the same position for prolonged periods of time. Have a stretch and make that cup of tea you deserve!

If you need help… ASK!

There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk and twiddling your thumbs because you are unsure about what you should be doing. Ask your manager or a colleague for assistance if you’re stuck – they will be happy to help! It’s better to bombard them with questions rather than guess and make a mistake which could cause some damage. After all, it can take 18 days from learning something for it to become a new habit, but everyone’s learning capabilities are different so take this into consideration! (http://bit.ly/2zBxk74)

Make the time

There is no such thing as not having the time to do something, it’s simply a case of making the time. Whether this means juggling your schedule around to prioritise tasks or if you stay late after work one day, it’s a means of making the time. From doing this you will show your employer how dedicated you are and your work will be appreciated widely around your workforce.  And there is nothing worse than putting something off time and time again, it becomes a nagging chore. Get it done and move on.

Reflect on the day

Stopping to reflect on your day will help you return with a fresh mind and outlook on the next work week ahead of you! Did you achieve everything you wanted to today? What do you need to work on tomorrow? Ask yourself these questions, record what you have achieved and stay focused on what you still need to. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to succeed further and complete your remaining tasks.

‘Work hard, play hard’

Work Hard, Play Hard, yes it’s that old saying but its true! You’ve worked hard all week so take those days off to relax and enjoy yourself, you’ve earned it! Do something you love – whether that’s catching up on your favourite TV series or taking a trip to the shops, make the most of your free time and shut off work for a few days.


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