5 Ways to avoid new staff disappointment

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Caroline Fisher is the new VP Market Access for Vader Pharma. She started the role last Monday week, and unfortunately she is getting serious “buyer’s remorse”.

It is not just the fact that her boss, Lawrie Darth, is a bit odd. She knew his reputation, and had three interviews with him. She had had controlling CEOs and Presidents to deal with in the past, and knew how to handle demanding “alpha” types that regularly flew in, made demands and flew out. She is great at delivery, she is highly emotionally intelligent, and has been described by a previous boss as one of the most effective and knowledgeable Market Access professionals she had ever known.

Caroline is definitely not an insecure person and is one of the most genuinely self-confident people you could imagine. And yet, for the first time in her career, she is feeling very “un-loved” and underappreciated. “Why do I feel this way?” she asks herself?

Yesterday evening she thought it through and it became apparent what the issue was. This last week had been a string of disappointments. Most of what had been promised at the interview stage had largely been misleading. She should have been suspicious from the outset. The interview process lacked the professionalism she had been used to when she had previously changed jobs.

She had been approached directly by a member of Lawrie Darth’s staff though LinkedIn. It was kind of flattering in a way, at first, but it quickly became apparent that this person was quite junior, knew nothing about Market Access, and had probably sent loads of “Inmails” to other people  just like her.

Then was the first appointment with Lawrie. He rescheduled three times! Then when he finally did make the meeting he was late; very late. He then spent a large amount of time talking about himself. He had not prepared. His questions were random and had little to do with Market Access. He also joked “well I guess we had better offer you, because we haven’t got anyone else!” and laughed a weird wheezy laugh. It seemed funny at the time. Now it did not. She knew that Lawrie was the grandson of the founder, but she didn’t expect to have two (highly incompetent) members of his family foisted on her as part of her team. Then there was her office, small and dark, it made a broom cupboard look palatial. Then there were all of the other “issues” that were too numerous to mention. With no-one to talk to, and no-one to feed back her concerns, she started the letter. “Dear Lawrie, I regret to announce…….”

Meanwhile, in a parallel galaxy far far away…

Caroline Fisher is the new VP Market Access for Kenobi Pharma. She started the role last Monday week, and is just loving it.

Her boss, Sky Walker, is one of the most open, professional and impressive CEOs she has ever met. Sky spent most her first day with her. Introducing her to people, making sure she was comfortable in her office and generally making her feel very welcome. The HR department had prepared an introduction pack, her business cards were ready, and the induction could not be faulted.

The selection process had been the most professional she had experienced. She was first approached by a very articulate and well informed researcher from a specialist life science search firm. She was then very thoroughly interviewed by the CEO from that company. It was made clear, that while she was a very good candidate she would really have to compete for the job. She liked that approach, as she was highly competitive. The process had been very thorough. It made her realize when she got the job that it was one worth having, and she was genuinely believed to be the best person available, not someone they had just happened upon by chance.

Sky had even apologized over the size of Caroline’s office, but hey, who cares, she had mentioned this in the interview process and explained that this would be fixed in six months. In fact, one of the most impressive thing about Sky is that while she has sold the benefits of working for Kenobi Pharma very well, she has also made Caroline aware of a number of the issues she is likely to face in her first six months. This does not make her feel negative. On the contrary, it makes her relish the challenge of fixing these issues and demonstrating her worth.

She has a call with the CEO of the search firm in just under an hour. This is something they do to ensure she is settling in well. She cannot wait to tell them how brilliant it is. To think, if that pleasant researcher hadn’t called her she might have taken that job with Vader Pharma….


Top tips to ensure new staff satisfaction:

  • Ensure you choose the right recruitment partner. One that genuinely knows how to sell your business and opportunity, thereby ensuring the best candidates get the right message from the start.
  • Ensure that all members of the selection team treat all candidates with great respect to exude the professionalism of the organization.
  • Ensure that the job is sold well, but not over If there are issues, make sure that these do not come as a surprise in the first weeks and months.
  • Ensure there is a great onboarding process that makes the new hire feel very welcome, thereby reinforcing their hope that they have made the right decision.
  • Make sure regular follow ups are done to check for any areas of concern.


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