What job searching is going to look like in 2018 for the Medical and Technology Sectors

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New year, new job? In 2016 Indeed did some research and found that over 30% of UK workers were thinking about a new job for 2017. So, with the New Year being the prime time to find a new job, how will you go out about that in 2018? Here are our top 5 ways to search for jobs this year.

  1. LinkedIn

At the end of 2017, Remtec carried out some research to find out where people were going job searching. Out of 100 people, 40 said they used LinkedIn for job searching. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it is so accessible. Anybody can make an account, and it’s fairly straight forward! Benefitting both the recruiter and the candidate, you can pretty much freely connect with others and pursue your job search. If you’re lucky enough  the job search may come to you! However, in order to make this happen be sure to optimize your page. LinkedIn also takes into account your skills and previous work experience so the roles advertised to you are tailored to your strengths. LinkedIn is also great for building up an online professional brand.

  •  Websites

During our research we found that for medical and technology roles, the top three websites that are being used are: EmedCareers, Indeed and TotalJobs. All of these websites have their benefits, but EmedCareers being top is industry specific to the medical and technology sectors. Having your CV on these websites is beneficial simply because it is easily accessible by recruiters. However, there are some downfalls when it comes to job boards. It can be very easy to apply for every role that you like the look of – this is a waste of your time and the recruiters time. If you apply for roles that you know you are qualified for then you are more likely to get an interview. Don’t waste your time on roles that you don’t want or are not qualified to do! Invest that time in seeking out other relevant appointments.   

  1. Recruiter

Recruitment companies are growing by the day, and are forever finding new ways to work for both clients and candidates. They keep improving their work by using different systems to match individuals to roles. Recruiters manage the stress of applying for a job; they find a role suitable for you and even offer support and advice on everything from telephone interviews to handing in your resignation. Think of them as a helping hand! Good recruiters want what’s best for the candidate and the client. At Remtec we have one goal, to match highly capable candidates to exceptional companies.

  1. Remarketing

Marketing is also going to play a key role in job searching in 2018. The magic of remarketing means that you’ll be seeing job ads tailored to you popping up everywhere. This works the exact same way as retailers target you when buying a pair of shoes! YouTube, Google, you name it, job adverts will appear. It’s helpful to have an updated version of your CV saved on both your computer and your phone to ensure that if the job you’ve been looking for appears you can apply straight away! 

  1. Face to face

Regardless of the advancements in job boards and marketing, face to face will still be crucial when it comes to your job search. You will have to be able to make the right impression in person, as although telephone and Skype interviews do happen, you will rarely get a job offer without a face-to-face interview.

Read our 'make the right impression' page for more information.

Happy New Year and good luck in your search for a new role!

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