My Top 5 LinkedIn Groups That You Should Definitely Join!

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Written by Nigel Job

Belonging to various LinkedIn groups is a good way to maximise your use of LinkedIn. Whether you are in the process of strengthening your company presence or an individual looking to enhance your personal brand, LinkedIn groups are an opportunity.

I can almost hear some folk saying “yeuch, personal brand? Is he serious?”. Well, yes, actually I am. In today’s social media age you can ignore your personal brand at your peril. There are not that many people I can think of that will not benefit in some way from increasing awareness of who they are among their professional peer groups. The obvious example would be if you ever find yourself in a position where you need look for another job. Having a pre-existing presence on LinkedIn will help you tremendously.

Equally if, like most of us, you own or work for a company where it is good to be noticed, then this is an equally important reason to be in certain groups. If you want to take it further you can think about what marketing messages you want to enhance through this useful medium.

It is useful if you think which types of groups match your interests. It might be some that are product or sector specific, some might be orientated to your profession or interest. Try to avoid those that are not managed well. An indication might be if the only content is the so-called “industry report”!  

Here are a few of my own favourites:

Talent Economy - "Talent Economy provides business leaders with in-depth insights, research and analysis to help build sustainable talent strategies that will stay ahead of the competition and propel organizations into the future."

Medical Device Startups - Just as it says on the tin, "Medical Devices Startups is a group for those interested in startups in the Medical Devices industry."

Chief Executive Officer CEO Network - This is a group for CEOs and other executives to expand their network of people and ideas.

Medical Device Guru - Content on topics related to most medical specialities, research, and career development.

Cardiovascular Medical Devices Group - The Cardiovascular Medical Devices Group is intended to network all those around the world involved in the development and application of Cardiovascular Medical Devices.

 You might even decide to start one yourself!

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Have a great day!

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