Is poor attention to your recruitment practice damaging your brand?

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 5 Reasons Why Good Recruitment Practice Is Simply Good Business:

 Recently I read a comment on LinkedIn suggesting that there should be a “Trip Advisor” type star rating given to hiring companies, enabling candidates to rate the quality of their experience. What a great idea!

  The experience of many applicants is not acceptable; a lack of basic applicant care and post assessment feedback by some HR departments, hiring managers and recruiters is not only impolite, but also damaging the brand of both hiring company and recruiter.

 One of our clients is one of the most effective proponents of high standard applicant care. If I were an applicant I would give them a 5 star rating on any “Applicant Advisor” rating. What do they do that many others ought to?

  •  They treat their applicants as customers. They accept that they can’t hire everyone that applies to work for them, but they realise that if this person does not have a good experience that is very bad PR! Their sector, like all my clients, is a “small world”. People talk, and many will be networked with either customers or other people they may wish to employ in the future. What do they want them to say about their overall experience?
  •  They ensure anyone coming forward for interview is properly briefed. A well briefed person is most likely to perform at their best and is most likely to buy into the company.
  • In the first 5 minutes of any interview the company and opportunity are “sold” to the candidate, making them understand that the company is always serious about their candidature. Sure, they ask challenging and probing questions of the candidate, but he/she is always left with the impression that this is done in a respectful manner in order to ensure a match that is appropriate to both company and candidate, and even if they are rejected for the role they are left with a positive impression of the professionalism of the company.
  • They choose to work with only highly professional recruitment companies that fully understand their company and its values, in order that the very best candidates have a “seamless” experience through the process.
  • They give balanced, well thought-out and prompt feedback. There are, after-all, only three decisions; yes, no or wait! If it is the first you want that candidate to know immediately so that you can keep momentum. Time is of the essence in recruiting high quality people! If it is the second then you should also let them know immediately as why make them wait? If it is the last alternative you can give them reasons why there is no immediate decision. Simple really, is it not?

 The bottom line is really about treating people with respect, or the old adage of treating people the way you would like to be treated yourself!

 Author: Nigel Job, CEO Remtec Search and Selection Ltd

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