Radical Top Tip - You Do Not Need a CV /Resume to Interview Top Talent

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Are you genuine about sourcing Top Performing Talent into your organisation?
Maybe you don’t have a problem attracting the very best, or are you just kidding yourself?

Many companies talk about “Talent Acquisition”, but, as I have said in other articles and comments, the truth is most are not focussed on genuine talent, they are focussed on what we in the UK call “bums on seats”, a policy of “any candidate will do” provided they have certain boxes ticked for experience, degrees and other criteria that have little or no bearing on their potential performance.

As Einstein is claimed to have said; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result” (or something to that effect!).If you are a genuine talent seeker, what then, can be done differently? If we are to truly attract talent to an organisation we must therefore be prepared to do things differently. To do otherwise might indicate a lack of talent and creativity ourselves!

Here is one of my challenges to challenge you
Could you imagine yourself interviewing candidates without having seen their CV /Resume in advance, or during the interview itself, and only allowing yourself site of the said document after you have decided whom you will move to second interview?

The reasons for such an approach will be to ONLY focus on the Top Performance Talent Indicators (TPTI). As a bonus you can align this with your diversity policy to further enhance your team dynamic. To do this effectively you will need an outstanding relationship with your recruiting partners. You will define to them what talent looks like, and with them you will formulate questions that focus on your TPTI as the most important criteria for your first interview stage.

If you are serious about attracting Top Performing Talent into your organisation and want a strategy and tactics (such as this example) to make the vision a reality please click here to book a FREE half hour consultation with me to discuss ideas that are as effective as they are radical.

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