The Worst Interview Skills Ever?

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Last night I watched the latest episode of the UK version of “The Apprentice”. For those not familiar with this reality TV show, the star of the show is UK businessman Alan Sugar, the UK equivalent (if it is possible) of “The Donald”, and, as with the US version of the programme, they put a group of (sometimes highly overconfident) hopefuls through a series of tests, supposedly to test their business skills to see if Alan Sugar will invest in their business idea.

Last night was the “interview” stage. This is where a group of experienced business people and associates of Sugar “interview” each of the remaining 5 candidates.

Maybe they are “acting-up” for the sake of the show, but if ever there appeared to be an example of lack of emotional intelligence, an absence of humility and bare faced egotism then this was it – and I am not talking about the candidates! I know it is TV, and perhaps some might say that it is only entertainment, but really?! One “interviewer” (see clip) didn’t ask questions but just made negative statements, and appeared to want to have an argument! The huge irony was when she later accused one candidate of not being respectful to her!


As mentioned on a previous post, I am currently writing a series of INTERVIEW GUIDES for interviewing medical device sector people (including suggested questions);

Leaders (CEOs, VPs, Directors);  

Marketing and Product Management Professionals; Regulatory Professionals; Medical Affairs and Clinical Professionals; Health Economics Professionals; Government Affairs Professionals; R&D Professionals; Sales Managers and Sales Professionals; Professional Services ( Finance, Legal and HR )


If this is of interest to you please let me know by emailing Project should be completed January.

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