Top Tip to ensure your Talent Acquisition team is focused on High Performance Talent

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Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for any HR leader that is developing a Talent Acquisition team is ironically, where should you source your talent team from?

Many companies have attracted people from recruitment consultancies. Two of my best staff (you know who you are!) ended up going “in-house” and have both been very successful doing this. By the time they did this though, they had already developed a stable job record and had developed great skills in candidate attraction, selling roles, understanding company culture, job fit, interviewing, negotiating etc. They have the gravitas to recruit at all levels.

Such people are in short supply, and more often HR leaders may find themselves faced with sourcing very inexperienced ex-recruiters with 6 months here and 9 months there on their job record. These people then unsurprisingly often struggle with understanding the needs of their internal customer at anything more than a superficial level, unless they are given some excellent training. If they have the leadership, the intelligence and the will to learn it is quite possible that they can be made to identify and attract the very best, but normally only through training that they probably will not have previously received when there were at Acme Temps and Perm Partners!

What alternatives are there then, if you cannot hire individuals of the calibre of my two ex-colleagues, and you do not have the training capability or resource to train someone of lesser experience?

Probably by far the best solution is to think who you have internally already. If you want TA to find High Potentials, what better way than to get your own High Potentials to lead this as a secondment on their journey through the company hierarchy? (Do you have a High Performance/ High Potential program? If not why not?) The best leaders need to know how to recruit, and if you want tomorrows leaders to be great hirers of the best talent, then give them the tools for the future by migrating them from their current assignment to TA? Maybe they can also get their first taste of line management by hiring some rookie TA people to support them? Therefore my top tip for today is, give your best sales people 18 months in TA. If they really are High Potentials they will love it!

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