Top Tips for Making a Great First Impression on Your First Day

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Well done! You managed to secure that dream job and you’re excited to start, nevertheless, there are still things that will need considering before you arrive on your first day. Starting a new job can be an intimidating experience for graduates, managers and CEO’s alike. You must keep in mind that you have been given the job as the employer saw you as the best fit for the company and team. However, if you are still a little nervous by the whole prospect read our top tips to make a smooth transition into the role.

  1. 1.       Make a good first impression by being prepared and well presented

Going into a new job can be a daunting prospect that can affect the best of us. There will be no doubt that you will want to make the right first impression and you can do this by arriving on time and being well presented. You should treat your first day like an interview and this will prove to your new manager that they have made the right decision in employing you into their team. As well as this, you should have everything packed for your first day i.e. your job contract, bank details, tax code and a list of questions you may have.

If you have handed in your notice you may have to wait a month before you start your new position. In the mean-time it would be a good idea to keep in touch with your future employer before beginning your job role. Find out if there is any material you can have access to, to learn more about the company and your role prior to starting e.g. product or sales information.

  1. 2.       Try to make an effort in remembering individual names

It can be an overwhelming situation to meet new people; let alone remember their names. Use their names when having a conversation to embed this information into your memory – This will help to build a rapport at the same time. The one person that will be of a great use to you in a new company is the receptionist. Get to know them as they have contact with everyone across the company and will be a good source of information.

  1. 3.       Don’t forget to listen!

It is natural that you are going to be a little bit nervous but you don’t want your nerves to get a hold of you which would then make you feel flustered; making you fail at simple tasks or forgetting people’s names. Try to give your confidence a boost by reminding yourself that you successfully completed the interview stage(s) set for you and that the employer can see a quality in you that helped to secure the job role. 

  1. 4.       Feel confident

Within the first week of your job role you should be listening rather than talking. It will be beneficial to you in the long run if you make plenty of notes which can be later referred back to. Making good quality notes will also make tasks easier, especially as there can be a lot of information to learn in a short space of time. When listening don’t hesitate to ask questions – This will aid in your learning about what value your job will bring to the company and how you can perform the job well.

  1. 5.       Keep in contact with your recruiter

At Remtec we keep in contact with contact with Candidates even after they have been placed. This is to make sure that the job is matching up to your expectations and if there are any problems they can be resolved by us quickly and efficiently. We like to ensure that this is an effective transition for you and your manager. At Remtec our vision is ‘Putting People First, Creating Careers and Building Business’ it is at the very heart our processes and values. It’s important to share any questions you may have at this early stage and your consultant is best placed to find out information on your behalf.

Written by  a staff writer at Remtec Search and Selection Ltd. 

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