Top Tips for the 1st Stage Interview

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So you’ve been invited for an interview – First of all congratulations! When an employer invites you to an interview they are declaring an interest in incorporating you into their team. This article will provide you with the best tips and advice in order to help you prepare for the interview and ensure you will be a perfect match for the job and company. 

  1. 1.       Communication

It’s important that you stay positive in your interview. Try to avoid negative use of wording, or negative body language such as arms folded or not looking at the interviewer. As well as this, avoid words such as ‘Um’ or ‘Like’ when trying to fill in gaps during a conversation. Doing so may make you look unpolished and unprofessional; we suggest practicing an interview scenario with a friend and eliminating words that aren’t conducive to your point. It is also important that you let the interviewer run the interview in the direction they want/need it to go in. Try to not interrupt when they are speaking and listen throughout the whole process.

  1. 2.       Presentation

It is important that you dress both professionally and conservatively. Your first time meeting a potential employer can be daunting but with ‘dress for success’ in mind, it will leave a positive first impression. It is imperative that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing and dressing professionally will give you that extra confidence boost you may need. Try to avoid the use of clothing items such as; comical or multi-coloured ties, excessive piercings, bright socks and anything else that may look out of place with your professional look.  

Remember you can never be considered ‘overdressed’ in a tailored outfit, but if you are unsure of what to wear then you can always contact us at Remtec and we will be happy to help!

  1.  3.       Motivation

It is very important that you know specifically why you have applied for this job role and what you will bring to that company that will add value. Here at Remtec we cannot stress enough the importance of preparation. This is the key that will help you secure that place in the company and will motivate you to succeed. Without knowing why or how you will add value to the company, the interviewer may be at a loss as to why you attended and even accepted the interview!

  1. 4.       Preparation

One of the most significant ways to show interest in a position is to have researched the organisation. You could, for example, show curiosity by asking questions about the job, the organisation, and its services/products so be prepared. With respect to the information you have researched during your preparation stages you may wish to talk about what interested you the most. This will elicit a conversation of engagement and an insightful view based on your discussion means making an even stronger statement about yourself.

  1. 5.       Don’t be late!

When you know the location of the interview and the date/time it is being held, you must aim to arrive promptly, with at least 10 minutes to spare. It is always good to leave some extra time for traffic, parking or events that are beyond your control.

By arriving early, you will have time to run through your CV and any other preparation you have done towards your interview. Once you walk into the building, smile and be polite/friendly to everyone you meet. This is your moment to show your personality, confidence, enthusiasm, positive outlook and skills that you possess.  Remember that the interview starts the minute you walk through the front door.

  1. 6.       When meeting your interviewer

Smile! A warm, welcoming smile will let your interviewer know you’re a friendly, upbeat and approachable person. When going in for a handshake, try gripping the whole hand firmly, but not tightly, with a slight pump to the wrist 2-3 times. Remain and maintain good eye contact - engage with all that is being said to you. This will put a positive impression in their mind and leave a lasting memory of your interview with them.

  1. 7.       Whilst in the interview

If you’re wearing a coat or jacket, ask if there is a place where it can be put specifically - Ready your notes and any questions you have prepared – ask for a drink of water as well, just in case of a dry throat – and finally breath! Remember this is your time to show the interviewer exactly what it is about you that can add value to their business activities and what makes you different from any other candidate going for that job role.

  1. 8.       Close the Interview

After the interview, ask when you can expect to hear from the employer. You may also wish to write down names and titles of all of your interviewers, any questions you may have lingering and any information that may overall influence your decision to accept a position with the businesses.

Finally good luck! With these interview hints and tips we hope that you gain the best chance possible in getting that dream job!

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