Why I believe in the power of healthcare people

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In the last 5 years or so I have spent so much time at hospitals at one point I was tempted to ask Addenbrookes if they would issue me with a reserved car parking space!

I have been the wife, the mother, the daughter, granddaughter, aunty, sister and even the end user of medical devices.

Having worked in the medical device recruitment sector for 12 years I cannot help myself but check out whose devices are being used on the wards and in doctors surgeries. The end user of the medical device more often than not really has no idea of the journey that device has been on to be used on a patient. Whether it is simply a bandage to cover a wound or a pacemaker, every single medical device has been created to save lives and has to go through stringent tests and trials to be deemed safe enough for patient use.

If it wasn’t for the enteral feeding company that designed and manufactured enteral feeding tubes, who hired great people to design, develop, market and sell their products my little boy would not be as robust and strong as he is today.

Recruiting the very best talent from a Service Engineer to a CEO into medical device companies really does have a personal pull on my heart because I know first-hand the impact that person can have on a patient’s life, my life, my family’s life.

Working within the healthcare sector has made me sit up and take notice.  It got me thinking about my personal experiences and why High Performance Talent is a must when recruiting into this sector. Why would you settle for anything less?

To help you secure top talent that fits not only with your company but with the patient end users needs my CEO, Nigel Job has created a series of  Interviewing guides which I want to give you FREE access to. Simply click on any of the links below to download your copy:

Avoid Interview & Selection Disaster when ...

...Hiring Medical Device Marketing & Product Management Professionals       

...Hiring Medical Device Industry Leaders

...Hiring Medical Device Clinical Research Professionals             

...Hiring Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Professionals

Author: Lorna Rutter, Operations Director
Remtec Search and Selection Ltd

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